dimanche 21 août 2016

Haiti - FLASH : Strong increase in pump fule prices

The Ministry of Economy and Finance, jointly with the Ministry of Trade and Industry, informs the general public, importers, distributors and consumers that from Sunday, August 21, 2016 the prices of petroleum products will increase over the entire national territory.

New Pump Prices :
Gasoline : 219 Gdes (formerly 189 Gdes + 30 Gdes)
Diesel fuel : 149 Gdes (formerly 149 Gdes + 30 Gdes)
Kerosene : 173 Gdes (formerly 148 Gdes + 25 Gdes)

Yves Romain Bastien, the Minister of Economy said that the government intends to adjust its prices with those of the Dominican Republic [who have not suffered increase this week] to end the purchase of fuel in Haiti by Dominican, when the price is most advantageous for them. But other factors will also be in causes
according to the Minister including: the depreciation of the gourde and the increase in oil prices on the international market.

But beyond these reasons that does not justify such an increase, the Minister of Economy acknowledges that these increases will allow to release funds to replace a shortfall in direct budget support of 100 million that international refuses pay a government that is not legitimately elected.

However, he is aware that these price increases at the pump, will contribute to the increased cost of living and severely affect the most vulnerable segments of society, also to help them, he plans next week, to provide assistance to more than 100,000 poorest families in the country, in the form of vouchers valued at 5,000 gourdes...

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