samedi 5 mars 2016

Mistreatment from the Haiti's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mrs. Florentina Laza wrote to Mr. Fortune.

Dorléan Fortuné

Hello Mr. Fortune.

I hope this email finds you well.

Please accept my apologies  for this email, I sincerely regret to always having to communicate with you on unfortunate situations at the embassy of Haiti in South Africa.

I need to tell you with all my soul how I feel at this very moment; never, absolutely never in my life I was  accused  of being not loyal, neither of being a corrupt person or someone who lacks principles, ideology and compromise, never in my 56 years old.

During the 30 days of work  of the Special Envoy, Mr. William Exantus, last January, I requested from him my liberation from my position in the Embassy of Haiti, because I had found a job at the Embassy of Venezuela in South Africa, but he could not allow me to leave pending the green light of  the Ministry which never came and I lost the job offer.

On the 31 of January  I eagerly received at  the airport in South Africa, the newly appointed Ambassador HE. Jacques Junior Baril and we worked during his first week together trying to sort out his diplomatic acreditation.

After the first week, the Ambassador hired  a new Secretary, Ms. Vanessa Mbayo, and put me in the new position of Officer Manager Specialist.

Dear Mr. Fortune, in that first week Mr. Baril showed me on his mobil some news from Haiti newspaper, where the official document of his designation as Ambassador in South Africa, was posted and not with a good comment.  

I heard his indignation and supported him.

Last Wednesday, at around 3:30pm HE. Mr. Baril, called me to his office and informed me, that because of that situation in the first week of February; almost a month ago, DIRCO had make a request to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Haiti to investigate the sources of the leak and since this moment the embassy will be under direct and exclusive control of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Haiti for the development of an investigation in the internet system in the embassy in order to determine from which computer this information was send to Haiti newspaper.

According to this and because in that week I was the secretary with access to the computer and Tsepo, the security worker, for more than 2 years, with access to any room in the embassy, we together shall leave the embassy for the next 15 days until the South Africa Intelligence Service and DIRCO finalize the investigation. This is really a shock to me and an insult to my integrity.

I told the Ambassador, that I consider this situation extremely shameful for the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Haiti and for the future of the diplomatic relation between the countries.

Dear Mr. Fortune, I don't pretend that the Ministry of Haiti is not allowed to take any decision deemed necessary but for 5 months I was always  there alone to do all the necessary things to run the Embassy and all instructions from the Ministry were respected and executed accordingly.

But what does this situation now mean Mr. Fortune? I'm a suspects ? Does it imply that the  Ministry of Haiti is accusing me of leaking information to the press?

During the past 5 months, the only thing I did was a complete devotion to the Haiti embassy, I took care of this place, better than to my own house, I did the necessary to preserve the respect and reputation of Haiti as a nation in South Africa, not only for the Ministry of Foreign Affair.

What is going on with this situation? I cannot Mr. Fortune  accept such a defamation a direct attack to my integrity.

What is the situation? Am I no longer trustworthy  to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of  the Republic of Haiti?

How is possible that I was in charge of everything in this embassy during 5 months, nothing was missing in this building, absolutely nothing, not material, not reputation in that time, all your team was complete sure that Florentina was a good soldier for Haiti in this embassy.

I'm here because I need a job for my daugther and me be alive, but additional because independently of all situation, I believe in the email was sent to the embassy on the 23 of November 2015, to inform me, that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs had decided to extend my contract until September 6, 2016, I still have not received the signed document, but it was an official communication from Haiti Foreign Affairs Ministry, this is why I'm in the embassy until today. 

But what is the situation now? the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Haiti, doesn't want me to work any longer in the embassy, they don't need my service never more... 

Please tell me officially, straight forward but with elegance, diplomatically and according of the labor law of Haiti and South Africa, with respect dear Fortune, I deserve at least respect and consideration.

It is not necessary to try to elaborate, to create an issue, we all know doesn't exist, why this situation to try to humiliate me in from of staff that work here, including  the two newly hired peoples.

Sorry Mr. Fortune but this situation is unacceptable, it is an outrage of my condition as woman and Cuban persons, as a human being as a whole.

I give my word that I don't do any process again of any Haiti institution never, I can't do this will be like do any thing again of my own nation, Cuba, but I humbly request that this situation be completely clarify, and the outrage be eliminate in the most transparent manner expeditiously.

If the Ministry no longer wants to used my services at  the embassy of Haiti in South Africa, I will abide by its decision but let's do it according to the procedures and without trying to UNJUSTLY damage my reputation, because I can't and will not accept that.

I am very emotional now, can't finish writing this email just need to tell you that I never imagine, ever to receive this as a reward for my loyal service to the Embassy of Haiti in South Africa.

Best Regards,
Florentina Laza. 

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