dimanche 24 janvier 2016

Senator Simon Desras Ex-President of Haitian Senate wrote to Congresswoman Maxime Waters‏

Dear Honorable Congresswoman Maxine Waters:

I would like to bring to your immediate attention, the scheduled blood bath being orchestrated by the United States Embassy in Haiti and the Government of Haiti scheduled to take place on January 24, 2016 under the disguise of election. 

Despite an overwhelming opposition and call to action to stop the electoral process and seek a comprehensive evaluation of the situation, the Core Group and the Government of Haiti have united together for the sole purpose to slaughter Haitians and impose a leader not chosen by the people.

As the Haitian people assert upon to have their votes acknowledged; they are being forced to succumb under lynching and virulent abuse.

The current situation encompasses daily protests decrying the blunt racism and repressive behaviors of US foreign policy. The international community from the outset has outright characterized to play the election matter down and a deliberate ignorance towards the situation. In consequence, if elections are held under the current condition of distrust and illegitimacy, the country will plunge into a blood bath of no return.

Furthermore, the comportment of the Core Group is parallel to the relationship between slave masters and slaves on the Haitian plantation. Only the agenda of the slave master can be considered and when the slaves are in disaccord it is labeled an illiterate rebellion/violent protests.

The protesters are asking the immediate suspension of the elections. Despite, the participation of only the government-backed candidate in the election, the international community continues to dismiss the voice of the majority in favor of the Government backed minority.

Today, the Haitian Senate adopted a resolution that directly asks the Council of Electoral Provision to cancel the electoral process and implement recommendations previously set forth by the Electoral Commission of Evaluation. The Haitian Senate adopted the resolution based on electoral fraud and call to action by electoral observers, human rights groups, business leaders, civil society and the citizens of Haiti.

Lastly, Congresswoman Waters, it is with great urgency I am kindly asking for your prompt intervention in the prevention of this political tsunami by the United States Government against Haitians.


Senator Simon Desras
Ex-President of Haitian Senate

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