lundi 6 juin 2016

Danilo Medina, Jocelerme Privert and Haitian political agenda

The elections on October 9 will be done from scratch. Therefore, many candidates are expected to participate in next elections. Perhaps there will be agreements, alliances, coalitions. But the two most important opposition politicians are hopelessly at odds: Former Presidents Rene Preval and Jean Beltrand Aristide.

They were allies, but now they are not.

Danilo Medina, the Dominican president, met privately with interim Haitian colleague Jocelerme Privert, who told im that the upcoming Haitian elections will be on October 9th, this year.

Upon the start of the encounter, Danilo Medina greeted Privert with a first question which was answered quickly by Privert: When will be elections in Haiti? These elections are important because they allow Haiti to return to the normal exercise of power as left last February by President Michel Martelly.

In Haiti there is much instability. Privert has little political support and its ability to maneuver is limited, because at this time Congress does not allow him to act, under the rule that Privert was appointed to organize new elections and not to stay in power. The deadline he had to organize elections was until April 24, which was not possible. Then, he said it would be June, and again it is not possible. The Provisional Electoral Council chose the date of October 9 for presidential election. Belatedly, it is late progress.

Dominican Republic has many outstanding issues to deal with Haiti, and cannot progress with an interim government like Privert. For example, there is an official blockade of Haiti on 23 Dominican products in its frontier by land blokade empeding entrance to this country. The deficit in our trade balance is approximately US$400 million.

Who is handling the Haitian politics towards the Dominican Republic at this time is a character with relationships and connections in the Dominican Republic, who however has a viciousness and hatred of the Dominican: Jean Max Bellerive, who was prime minister at the time of the earthquake that destroyed Port-au-Prince and it facilitated the construction business of some politicians and Dominican officials.

Danilo Medina, as Dominican president, should encourage the development of democratic institutions in Haiti. Of course you must also know what is happening internally. No stakeholders are interested in mediation. This country is very divided and almost find itself in state where making decisions by consensus has faded.

A commission of personalities designated by the current interim government analyzed the first round of elections in Haiti and found irregularities incorrigibles. Therefore, with only 25% of the votes cast, it suggested the cancellation of the first round that left candidate Jude Celestin, of opposition ssector, and Juvenel Moise, who is of Michel Martelly´s party. The Provisional Electoral Council accepted the suggestion.

The elections on October 9 will be from scratch. Therefore, there will be many candidates. Perhaps there are agreements, alliances, coalitions. But the two most important opposition politicians are hopelessly at odds: Former Presidents Rene Preval and Aristide Jean Beltrand. They were allies, but now they are not. And it seems impossible to agree to find a unified formula for Haiti to leave the ancestral instability and misery in which you have been.

The question of Danilo Medina to Privert was not innocent. Haiti needs elections. If Privert try to stay in power, this will be be one more catastrophe for this country. The international community which supports the Haitian economy still wants elections and wants stability. Even craves some kind of agreement so Haitians may address the fundamental tasks of rebuilding the country after the earthquake. Something which strangelly has not been achieved.

Candidates who remained for the second round have not received happily the decision to annul the first round elections. However, this is a way forward and a mean to return to legality and transparency.

Privert is making decisions for the handover of power, and that is very important.

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